21 JAN, Symposium “Who can be a Representative?”

International Symposium ‘Who can be a Representative? Engendering Legislative Bodies: Lessons from the French Historical and Political Context’

Date: Monday, 21 January 2019 18:15-20:20
Venue: Room 604, Graduate School of Humanities & Sciences Building, Ochanomizu University

Modern European states devised the political system of parliamentary democracy in which elected agents govern states and municipalities. However, women have been excluded from becoming ‘representatives’ for a long time. The question, thus, must be asked: who can be deemed a ‘representative’ within the system of a representative democracy? Gender quotas appear to be successful in increasing the number of women elected to legislatures, but their inclusion does not necessarily imply a transformation in the masculinist nature of parliaments. This symposium will discuss the characteristics of gendered legislative bodies in the light of the history of European parliaments and arguments with regard to gender quota system.

Ki-young Shin(IGS, Ochanomizu University)
Delphine Gardey (Specially Appointed Professor, IGS/Professor, Université de Genève)
‘Parliaments as Cultural and Gendered Orders: A Comparative Analysis Built from the History of the French Parliament’
Eléonore Lépinard(Université de Lausanne)
‘Gendering Representation? Assessing the Transformative Potential of Gender Quotas’
Mari Miura(Sophia University)
Ayaka Murakami(Sophia University)

Simultaneous interpretation available (English-Japanese)
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Organizer: Institute for Gender Studies (IGS), Ochanomizu University