The Institute for Gender Studies (IGS) conducts high-level research projects, holds international symposia and seminars, publishes an annual academic journal and various reports, develops educational programs, expands domestic and international academic networks, and contributes to society through the dissemination of research findings. 

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Research Projects

The IGS conducts and supports many interdisciplinary and international research projects of different types, including joint work with research institutes and individual researchers from Japan and overseas.

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Specially Appointed Professor Project

The Specially Appointed Professor Project is designed to enhance research and education at IGS and develop and expand a global gender research network of IGS. Specially Appointed Professors (i.e., distinguished visiting professors) conduct cutting-edge research projects, participate in educational projects, organize international symposia, and disseminate the results of these projects.

IGS Seminar Series and International Symposia

IGS hosts many seminars and symposia as part of its regular work, disseminates the outcomes of its projects, and invites leading researchers from Japan and overseas as guest speakers. We welcome participation in these seminars and symposia from outside the university. 

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Publication, Dissemination, and Social Contribution 

IGS publishes Journal of Gender Studies, an academic journal. The IGS Project Series, which it also publishes, is a project report forum that disseminates the outcomes of symposia, seminars, and other IGS projects. This type of information is also published in its annual reports and on its website. IGS is also actively engaged in social contributions to promote gender equality in Japan by, for example, having its researchers serve as lecturers in gender equality-related lectures sponsored by local governments.

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Network Building

IGS is expanding its global gender studies academic network by promoting international studies and conducting joint research projects. IGS’s academic network in Japan is strengthened by the joint projects being done with several academic societies and institutions.

Education Projects

IGS provides international education programs for junior researchers who will be leaders in gender studies in the future. There programs are conducted jointly with overseas institutions, such as the Asian Institute of Technologies (AIT) and Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). 

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Literature Collection and Documentation

Since the establishment of the Archive of Women’s Studies in 1975, IGS has been collecting literature related to women’s studies and gender studies. The books that are collected have been placed on special shelves at the university library and cataloged on its OPAC. Further, the materials collected and organized by the Research Project on Women in Natural Sciences can be viewed at the Ochanomizu University Digital Archives: Databases of Pioneering Women Researchers.