30 JUN, IGS Seminar: “Imagining a Postneoliberal Future…”

PrintIGS Seminar: Imagining a Postneoliberal Future: The Queer (Im)possibilities of Ecuador’s Citizen Revolution

Date: 30 JUN 2016, 18:30-20:30
Venue: Room 604 (6th floor), Graduate School of Humanities & Sciences Building, Ochanomizu University

Speaker:Amy Lind, PhD. (Professor and Head of the Department of Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies at the University of Cincinnati, USA)


Ecuador’s “postneoliberal” Citizen Revolution (2007+) is one of the most radical experiments in Latin America’s challenge to the global neoliberal hegemony. Couched in socialist, revolutionary language, the Citizen Revolution has utilized a contradictory mix of messages concerning gender, sexuality and family, pointing simultaneously to the possibility and impossibility of queerness, understood as a challenge to colonial formations of sexual, gender and racial norms and taxonomies. In this presentation I address five key forms of resignification in the Citizen Revolution – family, nation, economy, life, and citizenship ? and argue that despite their revolutionary potential in “refounding” the nation and challenging colonial formations, more often than not these resignifications render queerness impossible.

Coodinator: Hisako Motoyama (Ochanomizu University)
Mariko Adachi (IGS, Ochanomizu University), Miyuki Daimaruya(IGS, Ochanomizu University)

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Organizer:Institute for Gender Studies, Ochanomizu University