30 Oct. Seminar “Children of Migrant Workers”

IGS seminar “Children of Migrant Workers”

Date:October 30, 2021 (Sat)
Time:14:30-17:30(JST)/ 12:30-15:30(WIB)

This seminar focuses on the Children of Migrant Workers.
Regarding the issue of migrant workers’ children, previous studies focus on children “stay-behind” at the end of the care chain, children born as unintended consequences of migration, and the second generation of “education” to which they have migrated. In addition, focusing on the issues surrounded by children of migrant workers includes considering the (re) reorganization of gender division of labor within migrant worker households and the reconstruction of care roles in sending societies.
In this seminar, we would like to consider the gender issues related to “children of migrant workers” case of Indonesian sending society and the “children of migrant workers” in the Philippines.

Online Seminar (Zoom Webinar)
Guest Speaker Chiho OGAYA (Professor, Ferris University)
“Children in mobilities: the case of the Philippines”
  Yoga PRASETYO (Independent Researcher)
“The plights of stay-behind children in the face of restrictive migration regimes: Some experiences from Indonesia”
Discussant Sachi TAKAHATA (Professor, University of Shizuoka)
Moderator Keiko HIRANO (Project Lecturer, IGS)
Language Japanese and English(simultaneous interpreting)
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Chiho Ogaya is a professor of sociology at Faculty of Letters, Ferris University in Yokohama, Japan. She studied transnational sociology and migration studies at Graduate School of Hitotsubashi University. She has been doing the research on Filipino migrant women and their family, the social organization of migrant domestic works in Asian region and published many articles both in Japanese and English. Currently, she is researching on the topic of children and migration, such as 1.5 generation of Filipino in Canada, Japanese Filipino Children’s identities thorough their mobile childhoods, and the roles of support NGOs.

Her publications include” Exclusionism targeting international marriage couples and their children” (2019) in Shiobara Y.,Kawabata K., and Matthews J. eds., Cultural and Social Division in Contemporary Japan: Bridging Social Division, Routledge (co-authored with Shimoji, Y.L) ,and “ When Mobile Motherhoods and Mobile Childhoods Converge: The Case of Filipino Youth and Their Transmigrant Mothers in Toronto, Canada” (2015), in Nagasaka I, and  Fresnoza-Flot A. eds., Mobile Childhoods in Filipino Transnational Families: Migrant Children with Similar Roots in Different Routes, Palgrave Macmillan.pp.205-221.

Yoga Prasetyo
Yoga Prasetyo founded Voice of Singapore’s Invisible Hands, a project seeking to raise the voices of migrants through literary writings. Upon graduation from University of Indonesia, Yoga joined Human Rights Working Group and spearheaded a series of regional policy dialogs with governments of ASEAN Member States with an aim to support the implementation of ASEAN Consensus on the Protection and Promotion of the Rights of Migrant Workers. Yoga’s main research areas and interests include migration governance, irregularity, informality, precarity, and postcolonialism. Yoga is currently researching internal migration in Indonesia.

Professor, School of International Relations, University of Shizuoka. Completed Ph.D. in sociology at the Osaka City University. Major field of study includes urban sociology and migrants in Japan (especially Filipino migrants). Recent works: Takahata, Sachi, 2021, “Filipino Enclaves as Products of Migration Industry: Cases in a Big City’s Downtown and a Port City’s Coastal Area” in Yoshitaka Ishikawa (ed.) Ethnic Enclaves in Contemporary Japan, Springer, 99-123. Takahata, Sachi, 2020, “Female Migrant Workers in Entertainment and Caregiving Industries: Experiences of Filipinos in Japan” Annual Review of Labor Sociology, 30: 31-57. Takahata, Sachi, 2020, Aging of the Filipino Migrants in Japan: Reorganized Immigrant Community and Their Mutual Help” in Tani, Tomio, Tadashi Inazuki and Sachi Takahata (eds.) A Challenge for the Social Reconstruction: Locality, Diversity and Future, Minerva Shobo Publishing Co.,247-263.

Organizer: IGS, Ochanomizu University