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31 OCT, IGS Seminar, “Perinatal Mental Illness, Attachment, and …”

20161031IGS Seminar, “Perinatal Mental Illness, Attachment,  and Affect Communication”
Date: Monday, 31 October, 10:40-12:10
Venue: Room 124(本館124室), Main Building, Ochanomizu University

Speaker: Linda M. Perez (Professor, Mills College, USA)

Perinatal mental illness is a global public health concern that affects mothers and their babies. All countries confront the challenge of prenatal and postpartum depression and anxiety, but low- to middle-income countries face the greatest burden. This presentation makes visible perinatal mood and anxiety disorders that are often overlooked and affect the offspring. Transgenerational patterns of prenatal stress contribute to a constitutionally compromised neonate that is challenging for a depressed or anxious mother to regulate and bond.

Infants remain vulnerable to risks and open to protective factors for healthy development throughout the early years and into adulthood. Attachment plays a central role in how children develop and cope with stress. Secure attachments buffer children from high stress and are critical for the development of emotion regulation. There exists a recommended relationship based intervention that treats the mother’s mental illness and facilitates secure infant attachment and emotion development.

Coordinator/Moderator: ISHIDA Yasushi(The Global Human Resource Development Center, Ochanomizu University)

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