Call for Papers: Journal of gender studies, vol.21

Call for Papers, The Journal of Gender Studies, vol. 21.

We are very pleased to announce that the Journal of Gender Studies makes a new start from the volume 21 in 2018 with the purpose of publishing cutting edge research on Gender Studies and reaching out to global readers. The new Journal of Gender Studies is scheduled to be published in June 2018. We are currently calling for original manuscripts in gender research, written in Japanese or English. Contributions by Gender Studies researchers worldwide are welcome.


10 January 2018 (Wed.), 5 p.m. Japan time.

How to Submit a Manuscript

  1. All manuscripts should be unpublished original research, written in Japanese or English.
  2. Submit manuscripts by attachments to the following webpage on the website of the Institute of Gender Studies, Ochanomizu University. Fill in the submission form and submit the manuscript by attachments.

Japanese form

English form

  1. Please ensure that the main text and abstracts are provided in both MS Word and PDF files, the tables and figures in MS Word/MS Excel and PDF files, and photographs in JPEG and PDF files..All those files need to be submitted as attachments.(Note that the journal will only consider manuscripts submitted by using the above-mentioned submission form starting from the volume 21.)

Instructions for Authors (PDF)
(* Please note that all English manuscripts should use the Harvard Referencing System. However, author names should be written in full, not in initials)



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