IGS International Education Program with the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT)

AIT Workshop

The AIT Workshop is an international education program offered by the IGS in collaboration with the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT). In December 2004, Ochanomizu University and AIT signed an inter-university academic exchange agreement in the field of gender and development. Following this agreement, the AIT Workshop was developed and conducted by IGS and the School of Environment and Resource Development of AIT.

The main participants in this workshop are master’s students from Ochanomizu University and master’s and doctoral students from AIT. This program provides students the chance to participate in international exchanges in Thailand and Japan, which is a unique experience for those who wish to work for NGOs, international organizations, and offices to promote gender equality or broaden their perspectives as researchers and practitioners.

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Workshop Aims

This workshop provides participants the opportunity to learn to analyze issues of development and gender and also basic methods of conducting field research in a foreign country. It constitutes an excellent opportunity for practical training in interviewing and presentation in English. The content of the workshop and the sites to visit are provided to match the participants’ research interests. The workshop program consists of learning fieldwork, setting up a study theme for the year, studying at AIT, conducting field research, creating presentations in English, writing reports, assisting in the fieldwork of AIT students in Japan, and participating in IGS seminars and symposia. The workshop will be conducted over one week.

IGS will provide subsidies for travel expenses (air tickets and accommodation).

Course Requirements

The AIT Workshop requires having taken Coursework on Methodology: Fieldwork (kenkyū hōhō ron kōsu wāku) in the spring semester and Development Studies from Global and Gender Perspectives (kokusai shakai jendā ron) in the fall semester.

Study Themes from Past Years

2001 Gender and development
2002 Gender, work, and globalization
2003 Women, globalization, and home-based work
2004 Female migrant workers’ rights in Thailand
2005 Gender and development in Thailand: Labor rights and violence against women
2006 [no workshop] 
2007 Gender, rights, and empowerment
2008 Thailand–Japan interactive research actions using gender perspectives
2009 Gender and policy: Thailand–Japan interactive analysis
2010 Gender and social change: Comparative analysis of Thailand and Japan
2011 Gender and disaster [symposium held in Japan] 
2012 Sexuality
2013 Global justice, women’s health, and prostitution
2014 1) Sexuality 2) Gender and Poverty 3) Education and Empowerment
2015 Labor, sexuality, and empowerment
2016 Labor and association from gender perspective
2017 Sexual minorities and migrant workers from gender perspectives
2018 Power and sexuality from a gender perspective
2019 Gender and empowerment in urban spaces