11/18 IGS研究会”Shared Visions for Korea-Japan Relations”

IGS研究会”Shared Visions for Korea-Japan Relations”

JPI-IGS Joint Conference 2019 “Shared Visions for Korea-Japan Relations: Globalism, Peace, and Gender Issue”

日時: 2019年11月18日(月)15:00〜18:00
会場: お茶の水女子大学人間文化創成科学研究科棟604室

Welcome Remarks
KIM Bong-hyun (President, Jeju Peace Institute)
SASAKI Yasuko (Vice President, Ochanomizu University)
Session 1 Globalism and Peace

Moderator: KOBAYASHI Makoto (Ochanomizu University)

1. MIMAKI Seiko (Takasaki City University of Economics) “History Problems in the Age of Populism: An Exploration of Possible Paths toward Japan and South Korea Reconciliation”

2. HAN Intaek (JPI) “Korea-Japan Relations: The Normalcy of Abnormalcy”

Discussants: SON Jung Wook (JPI), HAN Dong-Gyoon (JPI)

 Session 2 Globalism and Gender Issues

Moderator: ITAI Hiroaki (Ochanomizu University)

1. CHOI Hyeunjung (JPI)”Subregional Cooperation in Northeast Asia”

2. MOTOYAMA Hisako (Ochanomizu University)”The “comfort women” issue and womenʼs rights in peace and security today: examining Abe administrationʼs “women shine” foreign policy”

Discussants: SHIN Ki-young (Ochanomizu University), DOH Jong Yoon (JPI)

Co-host: Jeju Peace Institute, Institute for Gender Studies, Ochanomizu University